Be an Official Cupcake Taste Tester

Steps to be an Official Cupcake Taste Tester

So you want to be an Official Cupcake Taste Tester. Guidelines you must understand

1) Search for Bakeries in your area, they are out there, most of the time they are hidden, thats why we call them "Hidden Gems"


2) Make it a family trip: Bring a lot of people with you when Taste Testing


3) Purchase at least 4 Cupcakes to taste
          1) Something the bakery picks as their best
          2) Something Chocolate
          3) Something out of this world

          4) Something you love


4) Take lots of pictures of your cupcakes and of the Bakery to post on your facebook, twitter, or other social media


5) Next take the Cupcakes home to Taste Test


6) Follow these steps when tasting  (Video Coming Soon)

           1) Cut the cupcake in half

           2) Try the frosting by itself, at least a half of spoon full

           3) Try the cake by itself

           4) Try the filling by itself

           5) Lastly, try it all together 


7) Now Post on your Facebook Page the great Experience you had and share it with your friends.  When posting on Facebook Tag @Zoescakesandbeyond, we would love to see where you have been.


Remember Cupcake Bakers are Flavor Artiest they mix flavors that we would never think to put in a cupcake. Trust yourself to expand your flavor pallet, and you may just shock yourself on what your favorite cupcake becomes.