Sweet Summer Tour 2015 Official Rules

A little bit about ME and my cupcake likes:
Love Sprinkels,  Vanilla Cupcake, Whipped Topping any flavor, but like Butter Cream frosting too. Not a big fan of chocolate.


How I review Cupcakes
Cupcakes are reviewed by
1) Cupcakes Moistness

2) How the cupcake is represented by the Name (Flavor)
3) The freshness
4) Ingredents used
5) Overall flavor, first we taste the frosting, then we taste the cake, then taste both cake and frosting together.


I will then Review:

1) Environment
2) Customer Service
3) Total Experience


Then I will give an OVERALL Review out of 5 Cupcakes

Sweet Summer Tour Official Rules:

All Entries onto Facebook need to be done by Sept 13th, Winner will be notified via Facebook on or before Sept 20th.   This is not an Official contest that is regulated, and anyone who enters should know that this is done for a 10 year old girl who is doing this for a fun summer project.


How to Enter:

Go to any of the Cupcake/Cake Bakery that we review over the summer.  Take a Picture of you eating the cupcake in the bakery, Post it to Facebook, Tag “Zoescakesandbeyond”, and then Tag the bakery you were in


Winner will be chosen by the Picture Post that gets the most “likes”  between June 18th and Sept 13th and the winner will be notified via Facebook on or before Sept 20th.



Winner gets to choose one: 10 inch, 2 layer Cake

1) Chocolate Cake, Chocolate butter cream frosting, Peanut butter buttercream filling.

2) Yellow cake, with Cream Cheese frosting
3) Yellow cake with buttercream frosting


All cakes will be covered in fondant, design/color will be chosen by Zoe.


In Case of a Tie:

If two or more pictures have the same amount of views, then those pictures will be entered into a drawing where Zoe will pull the name from a hat, or something that looks like a hat



All Cakes must be picked on 1 of 2 days in Bristol, CT either on Sept 27 or Aug 4th.

If unable to pick up the cake on this day, you can chose to give the winning cake to a Friend or Family member that can pick up the cake.  (Please Facebook us this information and whom you will be transferring the prize to.) If you fault to pick up the cake on one of these two days you forfeit the prize. Cannot be exchanged for currency and we are not held liable if winner is not able to pick up the cake.



Warning: This cake may contain ingredients could cause an allergic reaction to someone that has allergies, if you have allergies you are eating this cake at your own risk.  We don’t do gluten free, sugar free, or modify the cakes to fit anyone whom may be allergic.  Our cakes are fatting and full of sugar, that’s why they taste so good.


Any other rules or regulations that were missed can and will be made up on the fly, this is meant to be fun, for all who enter.  Thank you for being a part of something that will teach about advertising through the use of Social Media.


Facebook, Email, YouTube, Website, Twitter (Not really used) are owned and ran by her father, Chuck Leopizzo.  Although I like and agree with the power of social media, I believe that my daughter is to young to be in control or in use of social media


by Posting pictures and tagging ZoesCakesandbeyond, and by tagging the cupcake bakery, you are agreeing to the Official rules above and anything else we decide to throw in.  Good Luck